366 DAYS/12 MONTHS WORLDWIDE COMPREHENSIVE = £542.02 excluding China

366 DAYS/12 MONTHS WORLDWIDE COMPREHENSIVE = £637.67 including China

The ORBIT EXCEL is our flagship LONG STAY travel insurance scheme, not only providing the essential COMPREHENSIVE levels of cover that you need in the REAL WORLD, but also allowing you to participate, on an occasional basis, in an extensive range of ACTIVITIES, including bungee jumping, scuba diving, white water rafting etc. The Underwriters full ACTIVITY listing is contained in their Policy Wording.

This scheme is EXCELLENT value as it offers high levels of ESSENTIAL cover for student travel, working abroad, work experience abroad, overseas placements. The level of EMERGENCY MEDICAL INSURANCE is £10,000,000.

The ORBIT EXCEL provides cover up to a maximum age of 55 years in THREE Areas – EUROPE, AUSTRALASIA and WORLDWIDE. Please view the definition of AUSTRALASIA as this Area additionally covers a number of individual islands. Our main UNIQUE FEATURE under this long stay travel insurance product is ONE RETURN JOURNEY back to the UK at any time during the period of insurance for up to 28 days. We can also provide the additional facility for further EXTENSIONS OF PERIOD ONGOING, up to a maximum duration of 366 DAYS/12 MONTHS, subject to returning back to the UK.

You may also be able to take advantage of the 30 DAYS allowed outside the areas of EUROPE and AUSTRALASIA when you purchase 366 DAYS/12 MONTHS. This would be most useful  if you wanted some flexibility towards the end of your trip.

We take the WORRY out of worrying – this is our world, be SAFE not sorry.